The Cost of Plumbing For A New House

how much does plumbing cost for a new house

The plumbing design and cost is one of the earliest things to peep into your mind when building a new house. Thus, it is no wonder why people ask, “How much does plumbing cost for a new house?”

Well, it has no fixed answer since it depends on the home size, how many bathrooms, kitchen, and other fixtures you would install, the distance of the bathrooms, and above all, the distance of your home from the main municipal water line.

Nonetheless, an estimated cost for new house plumbing may vary from $12000 to $16000, including labor cost, service charge, and all materials, including pipes, fixtures, faucets, etc.

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So, How Much Does Plumbing Cost For A New House?

The cost mainly depends on the number of fixtures your new home would have. A standard American home would have at least two bathrooms and one kitchen. You have to count the number of sinks, faucets, bathtubs, and toilets for all these locations.

The list may include-

  • Two toilets
  • Two showers
  • Three sinks (including kitchen)

Also, most homes will have a separate basin in their dining, which will add up to the overall number of the installed fixtures. So, approximately a new home will need 6 to 8 fixtures. Also, you need to fix the numbers of hose bibs you will need for plumbing.

Now that you know how many fixtures a newly built home needs, it’s time to calculate the plumbing cost. But for this, you have to figure out the cost for each fixture firstly.

The average cost of a fixture in the US is roughly $800 to $950. It may vary slightly depending on your location and brand. Also, you may choose gas fixtures for your oven, stove, or water heaters. These fixtures cost approximately $500 on average.

You will also need to consider the fixture cost of the water heater and dryer for the overall expenditure of your new home plumbing. The expenditure breakdown will be-

Product Name


Price for each pc (1)

Total Cost

Bathroom fixtures








Kitchen faucet/sinks




Water heater




Hose bibs




Water heater
















Total Cost (All materials included)= $11, 100

So, this is the approximate cost of all the fixtures you will need for your home, including kitchen, bathroom, and heating fixtures. As the estimated cost is $11,100, you need to add the sewer connection for it.

You have to connect the main sewer and water source from the home to the street. Although it will vary depending on your home and street distance, an approximate cost will be around $3000.

Next, you also need to consider how much you have to pay for the plumbing service. It is roughly around $1000 to $2000.

Therefore, the overall cost of your new home plumbing will be around $15,100. But, it isn’t a fixed cost and depends on many factors.

Factors Affecting Your Home Plumbing Cost

When you contact your nearby plumbing service provider, you will need to provide them a little information. Also, it will determine your overall plumbing installation expenditure

Size and stories of your home

The house size controls your plumbing cost severely. For instance, a large home will have bathrooms at a further distance which will require more pipes. Also, the number of stories in your home will determine pipe cost.

A two-storied home requires more vertical pipes than a one-storied home. So, it will have more spending on the installation. Plumbers estimate that a 2000 sq. ft. home will be-

Pipe and fixture material

Price per square foot

Total cost (for each 2000 sq. ft) in dollars

CPVC (Hard plastic)



Galvanized pipe



Copper pipe



PEX (Plastic pipes)



You see that the installation cost of your plumbing depends on the type of pipes as well.

Excavation amount

When you install pipes for a new home, it will need a bit of excavation. It is essential to mount the drain pipes, main water lines, and sewer lines. It needs heavy-duty equipment and experts also. The cost may be around $75 to $120 per hour. 

So, consider your home layout and finalize the excavation charge accordingly.

Plumbing fixtures

We have already spoken about the cost of fixtures for your home. The higher number of fixtures, the more you will need to spend on it. Hence, a large home with more bathrooms will cost substantially more than an average one-storied home for new plumbing installation.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the average cost of plumbing per square foot?

The average cost for plumbing installation per square foot is roughly $4.50 to $5.00. It includes the cost of fixtures, drainage, main water line, and plumbers charge.

2. What is the average cost of re-piping an old home?

It is almost the same as a new home. You need to spend $2000-$20000 for an old home repiping. The cost varies depending on the type of pipe material you will use. PEX pipes are the most affordable, and copper pipes are the most expensive ones.

Final Words

It is a must that you know how much does plumbing costs for a new house when you start the building process. Also, make sure it meets your local building codes. Last but not least, you must complete the plumbing installation with the help of a reputable and experienced plumbing service provider.