Tips On How To Adjust Ballcock In Water Tank

How To Adjust Ballcock In Water Tank

It can be frustrating and annoying when the toilet flush starts working inappropriately. It happens when the water level of your toilet water tank doesn’t reach the desired level and not delivering the right pressure.

You need to change the water level at such moments by adjusting the float valve, aka, ballcock. That’s why we prepared the guideline on how to adjust ballcock in water tank to regulate the water flow easily and quickly.

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So, How To Adjust Ballcock In Water Tank

The water tank consists of a fill valve and a flush valve. It is the fill valve that controls the water level and flushing intensity. It has a floating rod, and it moves up and down to allow water to pour into the tank for a proper flush.

If you see the flush not delving the right amount of water, it is caused by the inappropriate positioning of the ballcock. So, you need to adjust it.

You will need:

  1. Screwdriver
  2. Penetrating oil

In most cases, you can accomplish the job with your hands. But we recommend keeping these two items for your easiness at work.

Also, you should note that there are two types of ballcocks. It includes-

  • Piston or plunger ballcock
  • Diaphragm ballcock

Our discussion will show you the adjustment ways of both ballcock types.

Piston or plunger ballcock adjustment:

The plunger ballcock has a floating ball. You will see it connected with the horizontal float rod. Also, it is made of brass for durability. It moves continuously up and down to control the piston and control the water flow in the tank.

It also consists of an O-ring to seal the attachment. It prevents water leakage and keeps the tank water level in the optimal state for proper flushing. The adjustment steps include-

  1. Find the ball float in the ballcock structure. It should be connected with the rod’s outer end.
  2. Use your hands to push down the ball float. Check if you can hear water running inside the tank.
  3. Use a screwdriver to raise the water level. You need to attach the screwdriver at the rod’s interior end and continue adjusting it for your desired water level.
  4. The water level should be just below the overflow tube of the tank. Continue adjusting the water level by rotating the screwdriver until you reach the desired water level.
  5. Wait for a few moments to allow the tank to refill and flush the toilet to see if it is working.

Diaphragm ballcock adjustment technique:

Both the diaphragm and piston ballcock has a similar structure. But a diaphragm ballcock uses a diaphragm seal instead of the plunger stem. The float rod of this ballcock may be made of brass or plastic. The following steps will help you know how to adjust a diaphragm ballcock quickly.

  1. You need to up or down the float rod for the brass diaphragm depending on the water level. You need to adjust the water fill level by moving the float rod slightly until the water level reaches right below the overflow tube.
  2. A plastic diaphragm ballcock has a screw tightly holding the floating rod. Use the screwdriver to raise or lower the water level. To lower the water level, rotate the screwdriver clockwise, and to raise the water level, rotate it anticlockwise. Continue rotating the screwdriver only slightly until you reach the desired water level in the tank.

Final Words

A ballcock in the water regulates the flushing power of the toilet by controlling the water flow. If the water flow is slow or too fast, it will prevent the flush from working properly. If it happens to your water tank, follow these methods listed here to fix the problem quickly.

It shouldn’t take more than a few minutes to get rid of the annoying problem.